Director Edmond Fong

Director Edmond Fong began learning Chinese and foreign martial arts from childhood, such as the wand, Hunchun, Qiaoshu, military combat, etc… Since 1978, he has followed Wu Ni master (Wu William master is the master of learning Philippine wand in the United States following Yi Lu Sandhu master) Learn Philippine wands and learn hard to learn about wand techniques.

The director of the museum began teaching wands in 1995 and devoted himself to the development of wand techniques. He formally established the International Filipino Staff Strike Association in 1998. After that, the Hong Kong Filipino Wand Association was established. In addition, the party curator has been learning Wing Chun for more than 30 years (following Ye Zheng master, Ye Zheng master is the second son of Ye Wen), taught Wing Chun for more than 20 years, and also set up the apprentice (Yan Chun Fang Yongkang The curator of the boxing center) and teaches Wing Chun in various government departments.


From 1993 to 1998 At the Amateur Adult Training Center, teaching Wing Chun, Military Guard, Calling, Filipino Wand
In 1996, he was teaching military and police combat at the Linxin Youth Center of Donghua Third Hospital.
In 1996, he was teaching at the Wholly Hills Youth Center of the Christian Association. He taught Philippine wands and military and police combat techniques.
In 1997, he teaching Philippine Wand and Wing Chun at Ngau Chi Wan Cultural Center
In 1997, he teaching Filipino wands and Wing Chun at the Takayama Theater.
From 2001 to 2002, he teaches at the Keshun Elementary School in Shunli Village.
From 2002 to 2004, he teaching Philippine wands and Wing Chun at Hongkong Post.
In 2003, the Fushin Society Welfare Center at the Peace Gospel Church taught women Wing Chun
In 2010 Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption Professor Wing Chung
In 2009 teaching Wing Chun at Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
From 2003 till now, teaching Wing Chung at Hong Kong Taxation Institute